Pemenang App dan Game Creator for Nokia

Ini adalah daftar pemenang Calling All Innovators competition 2011 yang mendapat award berupa uang tunai @150.000 USD, sapa tau ada app ato game ini menarik bagi pembaca, cek it up:


Books, Education, and Reference

First Place – Pocket Parrot
Second Place – Mopedi
Third Place – wikiHow Survival Kit

Business and Finance

First Place – Unit Converter
Second Place – pocketListings
Third Place – MarketLive for N8

City Guides and Maps

First Place – NPR On Location
Second Place – HotelFinder
Third Place – WHERE


First Place – TuneWiki Social Media Player
Second Place – Baby Genius
Third Place – Rah Digga’s Straight Spittin

Lifestyle and Leisure

First Place – Scandit – Barcode Scanner
Second Place – The Dealmap
Third Place – Trip Journal


First Place – Slacker Radio
Second Place – Moodagent
Third Place – Soundtracker Radio

News and Weather

First Place – AP Mobile
Second Place – Grap!
Third Place – India Today Audio Mag

Photo and Video

First Place – Shutter Pro Premium
Second Place – CameraPro N8
Third Place – XENOZU player for YouTube S^3

Productivity and Tools

First Place – Poynt
Second Place – Translate
Third Place – Decibel Meter

Social Network and Communication

First Place – Different Tack
Second Place – Flowd
Third Place – echoecho


First Place – DiveX
Second Place – FreeTrack
Third Place – CBS Sports

Games Categories

Action and Adventure

First Place – Tank Hero
Second Place – Fruit Ninja
Third Place – Galaxy on Fire

Cards and Casinos

First Place – Dice Hero
Second Place – BANG! The Official Video Game
Third Place – Hit 21 Deluxe

Classics and Arcade

First Place – Wooden Labryinth 3D
Second Place – I Must Run!
Third Place – The Impossible Game

Puzzles and Strategy

First Place – Sparkle
Second Place – The Moron Test
Third Place – Slice It!

Sports and Racing

First Place – Moto X Mayhem
Second Place – Action Bowling
Third Place – Virtual Table Tennis 3D

Trivia and Education

First Place – EDU Duel Card Game
Second Place – Animal 101
Third Place – MatchMe ABC

Selamat mencoba, Semoga bermanfaat bagi symbianer semua… 😀

4 Tanggapan ke “Pemenang App dan Game Creator for Nokia”

  1. Wah, mantab! Izin donlod dulu deh gan andre dari nokia store 😀

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